Here’s the true story of what happens to a modern day, post-punk feminist art collective group when they stick two fingers up at the Russian system and suffer the brutal consequences. Olivier nominated theatre company Les Enfants Terribles collaborate with Bird&Carrot’s Alexandrina Markvo and Pussy Riot founder Nadya Tolokonnikova to put you at the forefront of an immersive experience that makes you question what price you’re prepared to pay to stand up for what you believe in.

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, coinciding with the Saatchi Gallery’s Art Riot exhibition, Inside Pussy Riot tells a story that needs to be experienced to be understood.

Pull on the balaclava, stand in the dock and live the realities of imprisonment.

Would you sacrifice everything for the sake of a punk prayer for a liberal world? Join the revolution. We are all Pussy Riot.

From the creators of smash hit Alice’s Adventures Underground


Presented in association with The Tsukanov Family Foudation


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